Spa Services

Beauty & Skin Care, Pain Cure, Uplifting in Romance & Married Life

  • Facial with natural products....
  • Fruit packs

Pain Cure, Rejuvenation & Fresh Energy
Pain cure

  • Massage therapy for different joints like for back ache, knee etc. etc.
  • Foot Massage, Couples Spa
  • Ayurvadic Massage & Treatment
  • Mehndi & Haldi packs for glowing skin
  • Haldi packs for detanning and other such services
Ayurvadic pedicure and manicure with natural products
  • Haldi (Tumeric/Curcuma longa):  Haldi will be used as main Ingredient in our work surfaces.
  • Wheat germs
  • Different kinds of flowers and fruits
  • Salts
  • Bees wax, Waxing & Threading

Spas for Couples

  • Foot Massage

Nail care

  • Facials & Make-up

Skin Care & Beauty Massage
Haldi Bath

  • Bridal Services, facial or foot message.
  • Ayurvedic Body Treatments