Welcome to Haldi Cure

In the stressful life of today we need rejuvenation. We need to nurture our senses on regular basis. We need to pamper ourselves.

Our body is a temple where the God is our soul & we need to pamper it & greet it in various ways. It does so much for us. From beginning to end everything is related to our body.

After running around for various things in life we need some time out for ourselves that would rejuvenate not only our body but our mind as well as soul.
Even in the ancient times there used be the grand arrangements of massages, variety of baths, and aromatherapy for the kings & their families.

Since the time is changing now everyone is getting aware of the concept. Ever rising popularity of various spas, ayurveda centers, Yoga ashrams, panchkarma & other healing centers are the evidence of its relevance in modern world.

Wedentgroup here by launching this new venture of it called Haldicure is on its way to reach with more convenient & economical rejuvenation services i.e. the world class spa services at your door just by clicking on your desktop & enable us to bring calm, peace & health to your lives. Experience the Indian therapies like the Ayurveda, Yoga, Panchkarma or the international techniques like Thai massage, Italian baths, milk baths etc so easily as never before.

We connect you to the world class professionals who would not only give you an opportunity to experience it but also to know its relevance in anyone’s life.

Typical treatments include:
Aromatherapy: This we include rejuvenation through various smells & oils. It’s not only for relaxation but the treatment of various ailments.

Our Spa services includes Bathing or soaking in any of the following:
Mud bath in which your body will be soaked in the pure mud that will enable it to tackle the heat as well as the tan. It’s mainly useful in summers as it also helps in fighting with ailments taking place due to heat.

Peat pulp bath is also provided for the more smoothening effect on your skin.
Sauna is a therapy where your body is kept into the temperature above than normal just to enable it to sweat & release the toxins through sweat. It’s also very helpful for the people who want to loose weight.
Steam bath is process where your body is exposed to the steam just open the pores of your body & push off the toxic substances through sweat.

Body wraps, wrapping the body in hot linens, plastic sheets and blankets, or mud wraps, often in combination with herbal compounds. For example: milk creams wraps, chandan wrap, neem wrap, etc.
Facials, facial cleansing with a variety of products with various ayurvedic products & even raw & pure herbs. It not only provides a rejuvenating effect but also beautiful skin & helps in treating various skin problems like pimples, acnes, tanning. Pigmentation, ageing etc.
Massage is process of stimulating your séances with the help of human touch that takes place in various movements that are based on the scientific analysis with the help of oil, scrub & even herbal powders for the more deep effect.
Nail care such as manicures and pedicures that provides you with the exact treatment especially for your hands & feet that includes deep cleaning of your nails, removal of tan & dead skin & a professional massage that also reaches your mind.
Nutrition and weight guidance is another service that we add into our venture where the trained professionals associated with us guide the weight watchers an accurate healthy diet that help them shed their extra Kgs & also the lifestyle that helps then loose weight.
Personal training is a form of guidance where the customer is specifically trained to achieve the desired results on the basis of a tailor made program right according to his requirement.
Skin exfoliation, including chemical peels and microdermabrasion are the most advanced scientific procedures where various skin ailments like ageing, pimples, acnes, tanning. Open pores are cures with the help of chemical procedures.
Yoga and meditation is the most supreme & divine services where we provide the guidance even the personal training to train the person how to avail the benefits of yoga & meditation,
Waxing, the removal of body hair with hot wax for the smooth skin etc.
The most special benefit with Haldicure is that you do not necessarily visit any massage parlor or ayuvedic sansthan, or yoga club to avail there service but you can just click on Haldicure & we will provide you the professionals at your door for the more convenient services. As all we believe is our customers well being is supreme for as.

We bless you for a healthy & happy living.


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